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About Us

Who Are We?

Although this has been a lifelong journey, The Natural Healer was officially founded in 2019. Prior to this, it had become apparent that people were finding it difficult to purchase affordable, quality crystals and minerals from a trusted source and were looking to us for help. So now here we are! As we are so passionate about crystals, we now also offer educational content to help others maximise the benefit of using these tools to fulfil their potential and create their best life. 


None of this would be possible without The Natural Healer Team. Individually we all have very different skills and abilities, but together we can offer the complete package. This means we can bring you the highest quality service and education.  Keep scrolling to meet the team behind The Natural Healer and explore the journey that has made all of this possible.

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Our Team



The Natural Healer

Tiggy is the face many of you know. Her exploration of holistic and spiritual living is the foundation of The Natural Healer. Tiggy is a walking example of just how much you can transform your life if you follow your best path and work with the right tools.

Initially struggling to find her own path due to the abundance of conflicting and complex information, Tiggy then started reading, researching and creating her own methodology and way forward, showing there is not one true path, as everyone has their own path to discover and follow.


Simplicity and education play a key role in everything Tiggy does, whether that is photographing, writing blog posts and scripts, uploading products, or sharing her knowledge in our live shows.


Mr B

The Logistics Guru

Mr B works tirelessly behind the scenes, putting his 35 years of experience in stock and logistic management to good use.


He is passionate about our planet and this drives him to discover the most sustainable and recyclable packaging and economic delivery solutions. Mr B is driven to source incredible companies, like Ecologi, for us to partner with, so we can do our part to help save the planet with every order.

However, his work doesn’t stop there, he also has creative responsibility for designing all of our live show tables every week. He constantly pushes the boundaries of his creativity to showcase our incredible crystals and minerals in new exciting and innovative ways. Mr B also sorts out the technology to make sure the live shows run smoothly.

Our Vision


  • Trustworthy

  • Passionate


  • Educational

  • Empowering


  • Environmental

  • Simple

Our Purpose

To provide exquisite quality tools and simple, easy-to-follow ways for you to live as your best self.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and educate people so they can heal, live their passion, and manifest the life of their dreams.

How We Do It


We have created some wonderful partnerships with suppliers from around the world.


This means we can source high quality minerals, at phenomenal prices.

Plant a Tree

We have partnered with Ecologi to plant a tree with every order placed, at no cost to you.

So far, we have planted over 1,200 trees with many more to come.


We pride ourselves on 99% sustainable packing, wihtout comprimising on quality and safety.

This helps us protect both our minerals, and Mother Earth.


Sharing our knowledge is important to us, which is why we do so in many ways, to suit your needs.

We have a free education centre below, plus share even more across social.

How We Got Here


Having left her career as a secondary school teacher some years previously, Tiggy found herself working at a pharmacy. This stimulated her to investigate all manner of healing modalities which ultimately led her to embark on a holistic path.

Mr B was busy working as a logistics manager and supporting Tiggy through her journey, whilst Hannah was just starting her GCSE’s.


Tiggy set to work putting her learning into practice and became a practitioner for holistic healing offering a variety of treatments. It was during this time that she began to supply crystals to support her clients and this founded our first Facebook group, offering individually selected crystals and minerals.


Lockdown hit and Hannah made the choice to branch out on her own. This led Tiggy and Hannah’s paths to finally cross, as Tiggy and Mr B searched for a designer to create their logo and website. Tiggy and Hannah’s mutual love of crystals made this a wonderful match, and together they created a logo and website that perfectly aligned with The Natural Healer.


Woohoo! Mr B left his job and joined The Natural Healer full time. He quickly set about creating connections with companies such as Ecologi, enabling The Natural Healer to plant a tree with every order. With Hannah's expertise and creativity on social media, Tiggy found herself producing more and more educational content for Hannah to publish. This lead to several posts going viral on TikTok. As the website expands so does the list of suppliers from even more locations around the world, allowing The Natural Healer to continually provide a diverse range of quality crystals at great prices.


2011 was a busy year! Tiggy completed her Reiki training with Master and Teacher qualifications at level 3, was introduced to crystals and trained in animal communication. This truly was a transformational year.


The various holistic treatments and sourcing of crystals helped Tiggy to expand her learning and experience. In 2019 it became clear that it was necessary to focus on just one aspect of the business. Crystals! During this process, they felt it was time to develop the business to suit this change and The Natural Healer was born.

Mr B began creating incredible live tables, whilst Tiggy started selling more crystals through the group on Facebook.

Meanwhile, after completing a BSc Hons in Animation and VFX in 2017, Hannah was working as a Marketing Graphic Designer for a TV studio. Here she developed her knowledge for marketing and design skills, whilst also starting an MA in Design Management.


2021 was a big year for The Natural Healer. Tiggy reached out to Hannah for further website developments and their working relationship blossomed. Hannah officially became part of The Natural Healer team providing help with social media and continuous development of the website. Together, Tiggy and Hannah started to create the wide range of educational content that is now on the website that promotes self-healing, energy work and ways to manifest the life of your dreams.

With the growing success of The Natural Healer, the need for Mr B's input increased and plans were laid for him to leave his 'other' full-time employment to allow him to give The Natural Healer his undivided attention.


So life just gets better and better. The success of The Natural Healer is driven by a genuine love of crystals and the desire to promote a wonderful lifestyle. As the business has grown there are now thousands of crystals for sale, educational content is constantly being created and shared across multiple social media platforms and The Natural Healer movement grows daily.

Plant a tree with every order | Free UK shipping over £20 | USA Shipping available

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